About us

A litte about what we offer

Care homes/ Day centres

Care home resident I have created a programme that can be offered to those in care homes providing assisted living or dementia care and day care drop in centres.

Sessions usually last an hour and we believe providing a singing leader with a good audible singing voice and musical background is important. Our sessions can include a variety of songs from different eras, of varying styles and genres, instrument play along, music quiz and circle dance where appropriate. When residents are able we encourage dancing too. Some of our songs are unaccompanied, others have quality instrument only backing. We do not sing along to pre-recorded songs as we want to ensure the residents can hear their own voices and that of the leader.

Our sessions are always full of laughter and fun as they evoke happy memories. Sometimes songs evoke deeper meaningful memories and so we do expect the odd tear too.

We believe in the personal touch and ensure we get to know all the residents’ names and over time build up good rapport. Customisation of the programme to the needs of the residents is key and we are happy to  build in song requests to future sessions.

Lyric sheets, percussion instruments, props and photos enhance the enjoyment of the the overall experience. We expect care staff to become involved and enjoy themselves too.

The content can be mixed or follow a particular theme be it a film, season, time of year, specific subject or artist.

Our clients in Surrey Heath/Berkshire include: Sunrise Senior Living, Corrina Lodge, Collingwood Grange, Whitebourne, Randell House,  Larkland House, Kingsclear,  West Hall,  Coxhill manor, Windle Valley day centre and wellbeing centre.


Private sessions with carers

These are ideal for those adults in the early stages of dementia still living at home. Sessions are similar to those in care homes but we also include the challenge of singing rounds, partner songs, actions songs, circle songs, songs with omitted lyrics.

The private sessions are a great opportunity to provide socialisation and a support network too whilst getting musical and social stimulation and building confidence.

I can also provide one to one sessions for a more personalised approach and happy to create a favourite playlist for the adult based on input from the carer/ family.


Social Groups

( eg coffee mornings, senior citizens, sheltered living, U3A, other adult groups )

We provide an hour of interactive singing customised to the needs of the group. Again this can follow a particular theme if required and be a one off event or regular meeting.

Birthday parties

An hour of interactive singing entertainment for the birthday lady or gentleman and party group. Customised to ensure a unique experience for the special day.